Riviera Imports produces, imports and markets spirits, wines and beer brands from around the world. The company is a First-Tier marketer of brands that satisfy distinct consumer segments and offer sustainable growth and profit potential at each industry level. From its inception almost 15 years ago, the company has built a diverse brand portfolio whose annual growth rate exceeds 20%. always drink RESPONSIBLY.



Riviera Imports produces, imports and markets products from around the world that satisfy distinct consumer segments and offer sustainable growth.



Riviera offers a wide variety of brands, including many brands that fill the special needs of a distributor’s portfolio or the needs of a distinct customer segment.




Riviera is committed to promoting safe and responsible drinking. We are involved in initiatives that address the societal impact of alcohol usage. We sponsor and support organizations that promote responsible drinking. We are also a member of the Global Alcohol Producers Group, an informal coalition of leading beverage alcohol companies that are engaged in discussion with the World Health Organization and other stakeholders to examine ways to effectively promote responsible alcohol consumption around the world. We are fully committed to ensure that all of our marketing and advertising reflects the industry’s highest standards and best practices. We are an active participant in industry self –regulatory efforts to ensure appropriate marketing messages directed at legal drinking-age consumers.