Riviera Imports produces, imports and markets spirits, wines and beer brands from around the world. The company is a First-Tier marketer of brands that satisfy distinct consumer segments and offer sustainable growth and profit potential at each industry level. From its inception almost a decade ago, the company has built a diverse brand portfolio whose annual growth rate exceeds 20%.

Riviera is led by Edward Caan, CEO and founder. Ed has over 45 years of executive experience in the wine and spirits industry, primarily at Seagram’s. Ed and his management team’s vision is to drive Riviera’s product line through innovative branding, strategic partnerships and sophisticated marketing techniques while working closely in partnership with suppliers, distributors, brokers and retailers. Riviera’s management team offers a unique combination of lifetime industry experience, entrepreneurial savvy and an opportunistic approach to development unmatched among its cohort.

Riviera has assembled a network of distributors and brokers throughout the United States and Canada, all of whom have the skills and capabilities to market brands that appeal to the broadest markets as well as those whose markets are specific niches of consumers or customers. Riviera is a privately held company that operates in a highly entrepreneurial environment and culture. We value the input of our supplier and distributor partners at every level. Based at 37-88 Review Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101, Riviera takes inspiration from the area’s entrepreneurs, artists and hard-working men and women who keep the Port of Brooklyn alive.